Nicole Moore Dream—Deadly Pestilence & What to Do: Part 3—Physical & Spiritual Effects; Fix DNA Changes


January 13 – March 4, 2016

This is Part 3 of a 7-part series exposing the enemy’s scheme to bring deadly pestilences, and equipping the saints to understand and deal with them. It is strongly suggested that you first read the preceding parts:

Physical & Spiritual Effects of DNA Modification

Most of this section is based on revelation given to Dr. Francis Myles as expressed on this episode of Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural! TV show.

When God created Adam & Eve, their blood had flawless DNA. But sin corrupted it, and that process has continued throughout the generations. (The word “generations” = “gene” + “rations” = rations of genes passed down.) Our inherited bloodline is a mix of the bloodlines from each of our biological parents.

The DNA of our bloodline is altered by:

  • Unrepented, ongoing sin in our life
    • Unrepented sin creates demonic “liens” or open doors. It also adds to the generational curses passed down to our children.
  • Trauma
  • Rejection
  • Witchcraft
  • Adoption
  • Mind control
    • Including hypnosis, Silva Mind Control, Holosync, Yoga, Tai Chi, Transcendental Meditation, etc. Anything that places you in an altered state of consciousness that is not governed by the Holy Spirit also places you in danger of demonic mind control.
  • Generational curses
    • These are curses that are attached to your ration of genes from the iniquities of your ancestors, creating demonic pathways in your genes.
  • Directly or indirectly through GMO and/or non-organic foods we eat
  • Acquired DNA.
    • You acquire someone else’s DNA with a non-autonomous blood transfusion, organ or tissue transplant, some vaccines, sexual assault, sexual immorality—or conceivably, “marital” sex with a male Nephilim, animal, or cross-species-breed. (More on this will be in Part 4.) Dr. Myles teaches that sexual relations that are blessed by God, under His definition and bond of marriage, do not create a problem. However, because this act makes the two one flesh (Mark 10:8), I am not so sure. At the least, I would think there could be a problem if the husband has acquired DNA.

Generational curses and/or demonic liens result in symptoms such as:

  • Disease
  • Birth defects (yours or your offspring’s)
  • Inability to carry pregnancies to term
  • Financial calamity
  • Spinsterhood, regardless of beauty, charm, etc.
  • Inability to be successful in business
  • Uncontrollable anger
  • Thousands more.

Many of these in turn lead to more sin, perpetuating and growing the cycle! All of them are visited down to the third and fourth generation (Numbers 14:18) unless the cycle is broken. If the fourth generation continues in an unrepentant sin, I believe the four-generation cycle starts again.

      “Genetic Salvation”

This is part of why Jesus’ blood had to be shed on the cross: In addition to making possible the forgiveness of our sins, it was to make His perfect bloodline DNA available to us, to connect with our bloodlines, because we have all missed Adam’s original, flawless bloodline. The DNA of every bloodline on the planet now has been compromised. When the finished work of the cross is applied to the healing of saints’ genes (genetics), it gives us a new DNA inheritance so the enemy has no voice in our genetics to come against our prophetic destinies. Dr. Myles said Jesus calls this genetic salvation.

Reversing Modifications to Your DNA

      Dr. Francis Myles

According to Dr. Myles, we can receive the bloodline DNA of Jesus by “jumping the bloodline” as a prophetic act, renouncing our ancestors’ bloodlines (rejecting their DNAs, not rejecting our ancestors!), and those DNAs we’ve acquired, in favor of receiving Jesus’ perfect bloodline (DNA). When we do this in faith, generational curses are broken, afflicting demons/evil spirits are loosed—and can’t find us again, because the bloodline they identify us by has been changed—and healing is instantly received!

Watch people repeating the prayer and declaration, and then jumping the bloodline here. You can do it with them, but be aware that not all situations are included in this version. For his full explanation of the biblical precepts and how to do this, see his book, Breaking Generational Curses under the Order of Mechizedek: God’s Remedy to Generational and Genetic Anomalies. He also has a 45-minute CD that gives a good biblical summary as well as leads you through performing the prophetic act: How to Change Your DNA. This version of jumping the line has more optional elements than the video link above. Neither one includes a segment for DNA acquired by disease or vaccination, but you can easily add that in.

Of course, in God’s perfect direction and timing on January 13th, I “just happened” to re-watch a more detailed version of Dr. Myles’ teachings about changing our DNA by jumping the bloodline on It’s Supernatural Network (ISN) (—just two nights before Nicole sent her dream to me. I’ve got the free “ISN” app on my phone but hadn’t watched it in months, until that night. Praise the Lord!!! It’s unfortunate that there is no link to that ISN bonus episode, but it was never broadcast on TV so isn’t available in the archives.

      Linda Clay

Linda’s dream about The Global Zombie Pandemic I believe illustrates the mind control which will be enabled by this pestilence.

Please take special note of two very encouraging things in her post: (1) Praying aloud in the Spirit reverses alterations made to DNA. We should be doing this Now over our food and drink supplies, and when we say grace or pray the blessing over every meal! (2) Although she didn’t mention it in the dream, the horse she jumped on to escape is her spiritual horse. Some of the bride of Christ will be given a spiritual horse who has been precisely matched for each of us. They can be ridden without saddle or bridle, and communicate with us telepathically.

I’ll add a post about this to my to-do list. In the meantime, you can see the 2015 Lancaster Prophetic Conference; Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj discusses this and other phenomena—but I’m not sure which of his sessions that was in.

Linda mentions DNA-change reversal in the post above, but another of her posts, Overcoming DNA Manipulation through the Power of Prayer, is entirely about that.


      Anthony Patch

When I had essentially finished writing the body of this Part 3 (all the stuff above) and was looking up and searching out supportive scripture, the Lord led me to discover Anthony Patch and the other confirmations below. While he does not say exactly the same thing, he largely confirmed parts of what is written above and in Part 2.

Anthony PatchThis saint is a researcher who has uncovered several of evil’s plots being enacted by the elite against the masses. Nicholson1968’s video on the Georgia Guidestones includes a 9-minute interview posted in 2014, beginning at the 29:56 minute mark.

In this interview, Anthony begins by talking about a vaccine for an engineered rabies virus. The vaccine, he says, implants an artificial, third strand of DNA into the victims. The change affects the neurological system (which includes the brain), rendering them unable to perceive that they have been altered, that they no longer control their thoughts or decisions, and that they no longer have a moral compass or religious beliefs. In short, it makes them something like zombies, willing to do whatever they are commanded. (The purpose is to turn them and their future offspring into slave labor to care for the elite for centuries to come.)

Three-Strand DNA
Artist’s rendering of DNA with gold-covered, silicon third strand.

adidas triple helix 2 triple helix
Three logos incorporating the triple helix of altered DNA.
All photos from Anthony’s website.

What I understood that he did not mention in this video clip is that the nanoparticle metals contained in chemtrails (aluminum, silicon, and strontium barium niobate) have made our bodies much more electrically conductive than they were naturally. (If you’re old enough and you think back, I’m sure you’ll agree that it is a lot easier than it used to be to get a static-electricity shock these days!) This conductivity turns the entire body into (1) an antenna, and (2) a power source, both of which could be used to power injected/swallowed/infiltrated nanobots within our bodies, and re-program the third strand of DNA, instigating future changes.

There is a lot more of interest in the interview as well as in the rest of the video! Mr. Patch has his own site at

A nanobot is a robot small enough to be measured in nanometers. The thickness of a sheet of binder paper is about 100,000 nanometers. There are machines now the size of a blood cell. Some believe that nanobots are included in the nanoparticles of chemtrails. Project Blue Beam, the coming Great Deception, is said to be the real  reason behind chemtrails, but besides that and making us sick, slaves, and dead, they are also used for geo-engineering and weaponizing weather.

Nanoparticles of the chemtrail metals are so small that they are bioavailable; they can be taken up by and incorporated into our bodies’ cells. They are extremely toxic and, together with GMO engineered foods and nonorganic chemicals used in growing foods, largely responsible for people’s increasing sickness. See The Health Dangers of Barium for one.

Alzheimers has long been linked with aluminum, even though some have tried to squash this information. I have not confirmed, but it has been reported that one-third of all people now die with some stage of Alzheimers.


I discovered Anthony Patch on a video posted by Nicholson1968. After viewing a few of his videos that resounded with the Spirit within, it looks like it’s safe to say he is a wide-awake saint who is providing helpful information. His Black Gold: Programmable Matter video is mind-stretching, but confirmed by Holy Spirit. This will probably also be used by the elite against us inside our own bodies.

One thing I must caution you about, however:  A significant portion of Nicholson1968’s videos contain clips of commercials, music videos, or movies that are or should be R-rated. He overlays these with explanations of the Illuminati symbolism throughout the clips. Highly informative, but not for all audiences. His site is Let Holy Spirit be your guide on his site as on all things.

      Tom Horn and Sharon Gilbert

tom-horn          sharon gilbert

Both are prophecy experts; Tom is a researcher, Bible teacher, and preacher; Sharon Gilbert is a molecular biologist. They appeared together in a special, live broadcast on the It’s Supernatural! Show of February 25, 2016, titled, “Human Genetic Modification Is Here!” It’s long, but there are gems throughout and I only touch on a few of them here. There is also a <10-minute preview of Mr. Horn’s documentary, Inhuman.

Tens of thousands of labs around the country are now doing gene editing with the CRISPR-CAS9 kit, which is “virtually point and click” technology available for as little as $400. Mistakes as well as “improvements” are permanent and pass down to future generations. This same kit, Tom says, has the technology to “reincarnate” fallen angels into human bodies!

China and Russia are developing soldiers linked to artificial intelligence for Enhanced Human Operations (EHOs); it lets them think a trillion times smarter than the average human. They are also working on gene splicing to add things to soldiers like hawk and wolf DNA, giving them better eyesight and making them faster and more vicious. These are called transhuman (TH), and will become the norm. More about this is coming in Part 4.

Supportive Scriptures

Here are just a few verses to get you thinking; conduct your own search and see what the Spirit reveals to you. All scripture is King James Version (KJV), to which I have added honorary capitalization for pronoun references to God, emphasis, and {my explanations are off-blue in curly brackets}.

Numbers 14:1818 The Lord is longsuffering {very patient}, and of great mercy, forgiving iniquity and transgression {deliberate sin to anger God}, and by no means clearing the guilty, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto {to} the third and fourth generation. {When we repent (stop that sin), God forgives.}

Mark 10:7-8For this cause shall a man {a man will} leave his father and mother, and cleave {cling} to his wife;

And they twain {two} shall be one flesh: so then they are no more twain, but one flesh.

1 Corinthians 6:1616 What? know ye not {don’t you know} that he which {who} is joined to {has sex with} an harlot {a prostitute} is one body? for two, saith {says} He, shall be one flesh. {If the harlot is one flesh with each of her lovers, and another has sex with her and thereby becomes one flesh with her, then he is also one flesh with all of her other lovers, and with whomever else they have had sex with, and so on. One-flesh partners mean that each of them can legally be visited by the demonic forces with legal rights to the other(s). It gets very messy, very quickly!}

It is critical that we keep our eyes on Jesus!!! We have been made to overcome!!! God has carefully, lovingly directed our lives to teach us to overcome. In Christ, we can be victorious!!!

Here is the Table of Contents for this entire post, to be published in seven parts. Upon completion, the entire post will be available as a downloadable PDF eBook, assuming I can figure out how to do that on my blog; free, of course. Next up, Part 4.

Nicole Moore Dream—Deadly Pestilence & What to Do:

Part 1—It’s All About the Blood; No More Vaccines
Part 2—Physical Effects; Eat Non-GMO & Organic
Part 3—Physical & Spiritual Effects; Fix DNA Changes
Part 4—Eternal Significance of DNA Modifications
Part 5—Fix Immune System; Seriously Cut Sugar
Part 6—Avi Laks’ Flu Warning; Apply Jesus’ Blood
Part 7—Related Evidence; Power in Jesus’ Blood

As always, take what you read here to prayer for your own confirmation with the Holy Spirit.

21 thoughts on “Nicole Moore Dream—Deadly Pestilence & What to Do: Part 3—Physical & Spiritual Effects; Fix DNA Changes

  1. The only Hunger Games movie I saw was another one, but I’ll take that on faith, Kenzel.

    Reread the descriptions of the fifth-trumpet “locusts,” and the sixth-trumpet “horses,” understand that they are literal descriptions, and you’ll have an inkling of what’s coming.


  2. I’ve read the books & seen the movies. I didn’t recognize it until after the movie finale but both Hunger Games & The Divergent Series are eerie reflections of what’s going on and what’s coming.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Wow, Debra. I didn’t read it yet, but scanned through top to bottom.
    I know this is going to be very educational and complete information and I look forward to reading it through and studying it. It is amazing that you actually have enough material to share on this topic that it totals SEVEN PARTS!
    I’m glad you and Nicole have been in obedience to the Holy Spirit in bringing this
    crucial information to the Body of Believers as well as anyone else that will listen, thus adding more to “the Body.”

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I haven’t seen any of Divergent, but I recognized that from ads andX-Men (saw 2) as propaganda as soon as I had the coming-transhuman revelation. More movies too relate to near future. Thor, and all the other fake-god movies, probably Hell-Boy and others.

    A friend just met a young woman who described herself as a Satanist. She Loves the new TV series, Lucifer; says that he says he’s tired of being portrayed as the bad guy, and it’s good that he finally gets to show everyone how good he really is. I can’t make this up. God have mercy!


  5. Yeah; what amazes me, Peggy, is that as much as I have already written, each time I go to finish and post a part, God doubles it! And I know now that even so, I’m just skimming the surface.

    How could I have slept through so much for so long!?


  6. Greetings and thank you for sharing from my blog. I would like to clarify to help your readers. I have been involved directly with the healing ministry. While the dream about the global zombie pandemic indeed had me praying outloud, I find “in the natural” it is not always possible to do that.

    An individual I was texting with received healing from the Holy Spirit via a text message. Also, and more recently, my hubby received healing from the Holy Spirit simply by laying hands on him and quietly praying in the Spirit in my heart.

    When we do anything related to the supernatural gifts of the Holy Spirit, it must be done as led by the Holy Spirit. Each time may be different, depending on how He leads; this is all a part of the intimate relationship we have with the LORD.

    What I also have been lead to do many times, when praying for people is to pray for the blood of Jesus to go down into and through the DNA. I didn’t know why that was the case until about mid-year last year, so again, it all points to being led by the Holy Spirit.

    Blessings all and thank you again for sharing.

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  7. Sorry; this reply is for Kenzel’s Fire….

    I was trying to use a metaphor: we spiritually apply the oil of anointing when we plead/claim the Blood of Jesus, work healing for someone, pray, or do any of a number of things in the Spirit. For that spiritual oil to work, it must be fresh.

    When the good Samaritan came across the man left for dead on the roadside, he anointed the man by putting oil on his wounds to help them heal. The oil would first help flush out dirt and germs on the roadside in absence of a sink and soap. Secondarily, it would provide a seal against further contamination, improving the chances for healing. Third, it would soothe the wounds and even reduce the likelihood of scarring.

    Now imagine if the Samaritan poured on oil that was so old and stale it was rancid. It would be full of oxidation and free radicals, it would stink, and would have done more harm than good.

    We freshen our oil by studying scripture, spending time alone with the Lord, seeking the guidance of Holy Spirit and then doing what He said, etc. If we fail to do these things, our oil invariably grows old and rancid.

    Let’s say the Spirit has always used you to heal someone’s eyesight by placing your thumbs over their eyes while praying. It’s always worked, so you always do it the same way. But we cannot keep God in a box. What if next time He wants you to apply mud to the person’s eyelids, only you don’t hear that because you’re too busy praying with your thumbs in place? What happens is the person is not healed. Your oil was rancid.

    In the times being launched Now, where sometimes the situation might change by the hour or even minute, we cannot rest on our experience or the last instruction heard yesterday. We must constantly, consistently seek God’s face and guidance to keep our oil fresh.

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  8. Debra, FANTASTIC article – thank you, loyal vessel for what you are doing here. These posts are full of the spirit of wisdom, clarity, and The Fear of the Lord…. He is working through you to armor us up for the storm already starting. There is no match for biblical wisdom – His perfect timing shows again as these posts drop into completion. May His generous anointing keep pouring over you…. may these nets of truth catch more and more and may He bless you even in your tired moments …..and Lord the same for Nicole for her contributions to these posts Thank You. Bless You both !!!

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Michael, all I can truly say is to the extent it is good, you are right – to that extent it is full of the Spirit. Because I can guarantee that whatever mistakes there are were not made by Him.

    Nicole has been a tremendous help–none of these posts would exist without her–and she has been one of the great blessings in my life. So thank you for mentioning her, making me realize how very much I need to thank her for never being afraid to share what the Lord puts on her heart.

    We are indeed both abundantly blessed. You’re welcome, and thank you!


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