Nicole Moore Dream—Deadly Pestilence & What to Do: Part 2—Physical Effects; Eat Non-GMO & Organic

January 13-February 29, 2016

This is Part 2 of a 7-part series. It is strongly suggested that you first read Part 1—It’s All About the Blood; No More Vaccines. This Part 2 has no words that I heard spoken by God. Rather, it is my understanding from impressions and flashes through my mind that I believe were from Him. Take what you read here to prayer for confirmation. God is infallible; I am not!

Physical Effects of this Pestilence and Vaccine

Healthy and hardy people (without God’s supernatural covering) who get the pestilence might survive without the vaccine, but it will be quite hard on them. Many mistakenly believe that they have God’s protection but will find out that they do not. Those in sub-par condition at the outset will not fare so well; they will be extremely sick, and very many will die. If the person has the virus in their blood and takes the vaccine, the combined dose will absolutely kill them. That’s why the medical person said, “They cannot take it!”

The virus has been engineered to be so deadly that people will not balk at taking the vaccine: They will actually demand it! The vaccine will be immediately or quickly available precisely because it is an engineered disease; they basically made both at the same time. The powers that be behind this devilish scheme figure they “win” both ways: One of their goals is to reduce the population, so when people die from the pestilence that’s “good.” Another of their goals is to control the population, so when they survive with altered DNA from the virus either directly or from the vaccine, that engineered alteration will render them susceptible to demonic mind control and other changes. In other words, the nature of the DNA changes induced by this pestilence leave the victim with a means by which multiple future alterations may be made.

If word pictures help you understand, think of building microscopic “shipping docks” into your bloodstream. The “docks” allow any of a number of “cargo ships” to secure themselves while their “cargo” of evil-designed, additional DNA alterations is unloaded and distributed through your DNA by the blood. (By “evil-designed” I mean fallen-angel technology applied to ideas from multiple evil sources—Lucifer, other fallen angels, corrupt humans, and evil spirits/demons.) This description is undoubtedly not technically accurate, as I never even took a high-school biology class, but the point is to make it easy to understand.

      GMO Warning

Further, if you consume genetically modified (GMO) corn, soy, wheat, sugarbeets, or other foods that are Roundup Ready™ (see, the glyphosate contained in the herbicides that this kind of GMO allows to be sprayed on the crops is a catalyst for all this to happen. Pre-harvest spraying actually puts the active chemical (glyphosate) directly on the grain. See the FAQ page at, which is also available in French. Other contributing factors are cellular inflammation, which is caused by too much sugar, and chemtrails (false “vapor trails” from jets) that have been sprayed into the atmosphere at population centers around the world for years.

Word picture: think of the catalyst as “workers” that accomplish building the “shipping docks” and unloading the “cargo ships.”

Understand, if the food crop was modified, then ALL the products made from that crop are modified: beet sugar, beet greens, pickled beets; canola oil; corn tortillas, corn chips, corn cereals, cornmeal, corn syrup, HFCS, cornstarch, corn protein; soy protein powder, edamame, tofu, tofurkey; etc. You can find a lot of information at Read labels! You want to look for this seal:

nonGMO seal

If anyone remembers where others counseled people to stop eating corn because of this, due to a warning from God, please leave a Comment below to provide that link or at least identify them and/or their sites if you can.

            Is It Really Non-GMO?

Just because a food is labeled as “Non-GMO” does not guarantee that it is, because the winds can blow pollen from a GMO crop onto the nearby field of an intended non-GMO crop, rendering all plants GMO that are cross-pollinated this way. One non-GMO farmer was actually sued by Monsanto for growing a Roundup Ready™ crop without license; he didn’t buy their seed. The suit was later dropped, but it arose because of a cell-phone tower on the farmer’s land. His agreement with the cell-tower company was to keep the ground clear around the tower for a distance of ten feet. Accordingly, he sprayed Roundup™ (or some other glyphosate weed killer; there are several brand names) on everything that started to grow within that radius, but some of the “volunteer” crop plants could not be killed by the herbicide; they were indeed Roundup Ready™.

I think I heard this farmer’s story on Rick Wiles’ Tru News radio program at Again, if anyone can identify that program and leave a link to it in the Comments section below, that would be much appreciated.

      Other Modifications

While Roundup Ready™ appears to be the worst, there are other types of modifications to food plants (and animals). We should pay attention to the hint that God gave regarding the reproductivity of our food plants and animals:

While not considered food in most of the world, if you cross-breed different breeds of dogs, you wind up with dogs that show characteristics of the various breeds that were included in its genetic mix. But the offspring are still dogs and they will reproduce. If you cross-breed different species without laboratory interference, either they will not produce viable offspring at all, or they will produce offspring that cannot reproduce. Cross a donkey and a horse and you’ll get a mule, but the mule is always male and always sterile. Mules cannot reproduce because they are not God’s creation. Likewise, if you cross-breed different varieties of say, tomatoes, you wind up with “hybrid” tomatoes whose genetically modified seeds will grow lovely plants but no more tomatoes. Only “heirloom” (unmodified) seeds can grow fruit containing seeds that are capable of growing more fruit.

Then there are things like treating our food animals with growth hormones to fatten them up for market faster. Is this why our children are reaching puberty at younger and younger ages? Or what about all the antibiotics given to food animals raised in unsanitary conditions. “Anti-biotic” means “against life.” Again, there’s a hint in there! Animal products labeled Organic will avoid these problems.

      GMO vs. Organic

A food that is labeled Non-GMO does not guarantee that it is organic. Any crop that wasn’t grown organically could have been sprayed with any of a number of glyphosate herbicides. Conversely, a food labeled Organic does not guarantee that it is Non-GMO. In the case of food animals, the animal may be raised without antibiotics, growth hormones, and the like – but if it is given GMO or non-organic food to eat, can it truly be either Non-GMO or organic?

The saying, “You are what you eat,” may be trite, but it is reflective of truth, and it applies to animals as well as humans. When it comes to meat (land, air, freshwater, or sea animals) and animal byproducts such as dairy, you could say that you are what they eat! Read labels. Look for Organic as well as Non-GMO.

Global Seed Vault

Governments the world over maintain seed banks where healthy, heirloom seeds are stored cryogenically (deep frozen) so if their country suffers some sort of catastrophe, there will be something left to regrow food again. The spin is that these exist in case of war or natural disaster, and that is indeed partially true. But the other reason, the one they don’t tell the public about, is in case they discover that all this manipulation they’ve been going through gets out of hand and yields such unpredictable results that they are then forced to go back to God’s creation and start over. On an island in Norway, there is even a multi-national seed vault founded in 2008, just 810 miles from the North Pole:

Follow God’s Natural Laws!

A guest (sorry I don’t recall who) on Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural! TV show years ago once asked God why so many of His saints – ones who worked in healing and other signs and wonders – why they died of disease so young. God replied that they had learned to work well in His spiritual laws, but had ignored His natural laws.

POST-PUBLICATION UPDATE:  God just led me to the video of that show! The guest is David Herzog, and this interview originally aired on January 27, 2014.

We must pay attention to God’s natural laws as they apply to the care and feeding of our bodies. To ignore this is to do Lucifer’s work for him. We must set and maintain the highest possible standards in our food supply and preparation.

Supporting Scripture

“Seed” appears in the KJV Bible 257 times. Very little is here; conduct your own search and see what the Spirit reveals to you. All scripture is King James Version (KJV), to which I have added honorary capitalization for pronoun references to God, emphasis, and {my explanations are off-blue in curly brackets}.

As you read scriptures about seed, keep in mind that the word “seed” in the Bible can refer to any of three things: plant seed, semen, or any generation of offspring. Which one of these is intended is usually easily determined from the context of the sentence itself.

      God Made Seed Pure

Genesis 1:11-12— 11 And God said, Let the earth bring forth grass, the herb yielding seed, and the fruit tree yielding fruit after his kind, whose seed is in itself, upon the earth: and it was so. {Apple trees don’t grow oranges because the apple contains the seed that is capable of growing another apple tree.}

12 And the earth brought forth grass, and herb yielding seed after his kind, and the tree yielding fruit, whose seed was in itself, after his kind: and God saw that it was good.

      Don’t Cross-Breed Crops

Leviticus 19:19— 19 Ye {you} shall keep My statutes. Thou shalt {you shall} not let thy cattle {animals} gender {breed} with a diverse {different} kind: thou shalt not sow thy field with mingled seed {seeds of different kinds of plants mixed together}: neither shall a garment mingled of linen and woollen {wool; mixed plant and animal fibers} come upon thee {you}.

It is critical that we keep our eyes on Jesus!!! We have been made to overcome!!! God has carefully, lovingly directed our lives to teach us to overcome. In Christ, we can be victorious!!!

Here is the tentative Table of Contents for this entire post, to be published in seven parts. Upon completion, the entire post will be available as a downloadable PDF eBook, assuming I can figure out how to do that on my blog; free, of course. Next up, Part 3.

Nicole Moore Dream—Deadly Pestilence & What to Do:

Part 1—It’s All About the Blood; No More Vaccines
Part 2—Physical Effects; Eat Non-GMO & Organic
Part 3—Physical & Spiritual Effects; Fix DNA Changes
Part 4—Eternal Significance of DNA Modifications
Part 5—Fix Immune System; Seriously Cut Sugar
Part 6—Avi Laks’ Flu Warning; Apply Jesus’ Blood
Part 7—Related Evidence; Power in Jesus’ Blood

Roundup™ and Roundup Ready™ are both trademarks of Monsanto.

13 thoughts on “Nicole Moore Dream—Deadly Pestilence & What to Do: Part 2—Physical Effects; Eat Non-GMO & Organic

  1. To the extent that it is right, Peggy, it is from God, and He gets the glory. If there are any mistakes, they would be my responsibility for not hearing the Lord correctly but allowing my own mind to supply the error. I’m happy if I’ve helped you, and will be joyous if the information across the 7 parts saves any people from an eternal error. Praise to our merciful God!

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  2. Excellent studies Debra. Thanks for sharing this with us. One thing that we can do about our food, is ask the Lord for protection over anything that we bring into our homes. Unless we grow the food ourselves, we truly will never know if things are Genetically Modified or Organic. Even foods we grow can come from genetically modified seeds as you have mentioned — we would need to have the seeds from the original plants before people started playing with hybrids (sometimes referred to as Heirloom). I haven’t used this source yet, but here’s one that claims to only sell 100% Non-GMO Seeds:

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  3. Thanks Debra, love this. After a recent visit to the farm store to purchase bulk seeds. Most farm stores have a large selection of seeds, you need to be cautious though as many of the seeds now have a coated pesticide which prevents bugs, insects and birds from attacking the seed/plant. So the choice was, either coated or non coated. The seeds were in large 10 gallon buckets, corn ,squash, beans, cucumber etc…. Many of the farmers were purchasing seeds that were coated, they then sell these vegetables at the farmers market, or to large stores. Unbeknown to the customer who then purchases the vegetables, I would strongly urge you to begin to grow your own vegetables. If you do not have the land, most vegetables if not all ,can be grown in a pot. Some good soil and organic cow manure will get you off to a good start. Tomatoes and cucumbers or pickles are very easy to grow, even on a patio. This not only helps you with growing your own produce but it will give you a time frame from seed to harvest when food problems arise in the future. Don’t forget to pray over the seeds once you plant them. You will actually be surprised how much just three small seeds produce. So this spring, do something different grow a vegetable and you will find so much reward. Have you ever wondered why God created vegetation on the 3rd day, Genesis 1:-9-13. Under the right climate conditions seed begin to germinate on the 3rd day. How amazing is God that there is a time for everything, not one scripture of his word fails. May the Lord of the harvest bless your soil

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  4. Wow, Nicole, there’s a lot of good information there; Thank You for sharing that with our readers!

    I have built five 6’square raised veggie beds bordered by double-high railroad ties. I plead the blood of Jesus over them and my compost pile regularly. Now I’m waiting for the end of Sh’mitah and Jubilee to plant them, in accordance with my understanding of the Torah teaching.

    I also have a shipping container to be made into an aquaponics station for growing fish as well as veggies. Still in the back of my mind are chickens and maybe some fruit trees, if I can remove a couple of unwanted trees already in my yard. I already have a plum tree, not yet producing (but looks like maybe this year), and a date palm that my gardener is still removing all the dates from to help the tree get established.

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  5. Wonderful post! I will be praying over by beds this year. Thank you for the reminder and I didn’t even think about the compost heap. When does the shemitah end? As I don’t know about Torah teaching. I’m looking forward to the next posts. God Bless!


  6. The year of Sh’mitah (either spelling is acceptable) ends at sundown on the day that begins the year of Jubilee, 14 days before Passover. I’m being so vague because it all hinges on the barley crop. I’ll explain better in the post itself…


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