Prophecy: Orchestrated EMP Attacks

November 20-27, 2015

From Nicole Moore:

On Thursday, 19th November, I was eating dinner and suddenly I knew in my spirit that the Lord was going to give me a dream. I have never had that happen before. I went to bed that night and did my usual routine; I awoke to pray at 2:16 AM and finished at 3:30AM. I then went back to sleep and had a dream from the Lord.

Dream and Revelation Given to Nicole

The room I was in was dark, as if it must have been nighttime, and I was secretly given a sheet of paper that had been leaked from the military. It was not written in plain English, how you and I would write a letter; the words were English, but in cryptic form. I was able to read it, however, even though it was written in code.

While reading the letter I noticed the name of a U.S. company, and understood that it would be complicit in an orchestrated terror attack. I don’t remember this exact name, but I recall what it looked like. The Lord impressed on me that the company was involved with electronics.

The scene changed and I saw masses of people having to leave a city. I do not know where the city was, nor do I know what the event was that caused them to leave, but I saw them walking. I had the vantage point of looking down at an angle from up in the sky, and I could see thousands upon thousands of people walking with bags and clothes.

Holy Spirit let me understand that there are going to be multiple, coordinated events, even though I saw only one. In my spirit I know that there will be multiple events. They have already set the month of this orchestrated event; I do not know yet what it is, or what year, but I know the month has been decided on. I think the Spirit will let me know when the date is set.

This is a time when we have to pray and ask the Lord for our discernment to be increased, as the days are wicked.

First Revelation Given to Debra Walker

Like Nicole’s last dream, this one is understood more by revelation rather than interpretation. It is not a metaphorical dream, but a prophetic night vision. Nicole saw masses of people in broad daylight on a work day walking out of an American city—that was not destroyed. The city was hit by an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) attack. By God’s mercy and for His glory, the EMP will not bring down the entire electric grid through the domino effect. I reasoned that must mean the city she saw is not one of the largest cities of the country, in a very densely populated, metropolitan area—and then I knew in my spirit that it is nonetheless close to one.

Debra’s Comments on EMP

The people don’t walk out of the city because they’re going a short distance. They walk because they have no choice; their cars don’t work. And to stay in a city with no electricity is to invite death. Electricity is needed to pump water. And sewage. An EMP renders every machine or device with electronic components inoperable. No computers. No cell phones. No modern, laundry machines. The electronics within them are “fried.” Taking them to a location where there is electricity will not make them work again. Those things are conveniences. But no drivable trucks means no deliveries of water, food, or medicine.

Remember the Cash for Clunkers program a few years back? That program removed cars from circulation that would work after an EMP. The classic car collectors who held onto them will be the lucky ones for a short while. But how will they pump gas to refill their old cars’ gas tanks without electricity? Some will figure it out, but most?

And even if they all did, there simply aren’t enough of them to make a significant difference for the population of a city, let alone the country. Only in small, cooperative groups organized for survival would an old car be worthwhile long-term.—If, that is, they could keep it hidden from the government or military, who would surely want to confiscate it for something that would certainly be viewed as a more pressing need.


Take the San Francisco Bay Area as a hypothetical example. I don’t know how many large cities would be required for the domino effect to work, but I wouldn’t be surprised if San Francisco, San José, and Oakland combined—or maybe with some number of other cities in that metro area—would do it. Millions of people live and work there. Suddenly dumping that kind of work-day load on a system designed to reroute electrical energy from one area to another as needed would be the perfect plan to bring down our aging, unprotected grid.

An attack centered around San Francisco and Silicon Valley would have a vast psychological effect on the entire country, and would at least temporarily cripple the country’s high-tech industries, even though most manufacturing and assembly has moved offshore. The effects of an attack centered around Sacramento, the state capitol, would also be huge. California has the sixth largest economy in the world, and taking down its seat of government would be a very big thing. And of course we can’t forget Los Angeles. Any of these metro areas—or, heaven forbid, even all of them—would be quite appealing for someone planning a coordinated EMP attack.

However, if a more isolated city nearby—like Vacaville or Fairfield in the SF area, or Davis or Woodland in the capitol area—was attacked without the metro area also going down, damage to the grid would be much less severe and probably survivable, but Nicole’s dream of many thousands of people leaving the city would still be true. The only question is whether that is geographically possible, as the blast radius from the necessary distance would be quite a bit larger than one would think of as allowing that kind of accuracy. I suppose if God’s breath blew the missile off course, as He has done in defending Israel…

Two prophets I read in the last few weeks said that the EMP would be limited in the area it affects. We pray that they are correct, and my musing above is an attempt to figure out how that could come about. I just know that we need to pray that the damage is minimizedjust enough to satisfy God’s justice and achieve His purposes, the repentance and wholehearted return to Him of many more people, and that in God’s mercy the damage is not as severe as the evil one desires, which would take down the entire grid.

People who have studied this type of scenario (engineers, scientists, and statisticians) have said that within two years of losing the grid, the country’s population would drop by about 85% – 95%, mostly from starvation and disease. Not much would please Lucifer more.


Debra’s Comments on the US Company

“It is the glory of God to conceal a thing: but the honour of kings is to search out a matter.” (Proverbs 25:2 KJV)

Sometimes when direct revelation is not given by the Lord, it is because He is using the matter for additional training of the prophetic person. He designed our minds with their capabilities, and will not give us something to do that is impossible for us individually or with the assistance of people He puts in our path. (Such as the way He paired up Nicole and me.) So we searched the matter out.

I found an alphabetical list of electronics companies in the USA, then looked through the list for a name that matched Nicole’s description of the name components. There is no exact name match on the list I checked. However, there is one (and only one) that was very close. Looking at that company’s website, I learned that they are involved in several things that would seem a good match for such a mission. However, God remains silent on this and has not given us confirmation.

Additional Revelation to Debra

I was thinking about this potential company match, and wondering why they (or whatever US company it is, if it’s not them) would so sell out their country. Instantly I realized that this particular company would stand to profit considerably in additional business if they could keep their involvement secret. If one or more cities go dark, but not the whole country, then every government and mid- to large-cap company in the illuminated cities will suddenly be scrambling to make building-sized Faraday cages and searching for other security answers. (A Faraday cage is rather like a box to put electronic devices in. It shields them from an EMP if they are in it when the pulse strikes.) This company could have a lot of new business.

Then I was thinking again about the link to Russia I had imagined in the first day of working on this missive, even though shortly afterwards I knew in my spirit that Russia was not correct. Suddenly, I had a short vision: The list of the company’s foreign offices appeared as if I were looking at it again on the computer screen in front of me, and my attention was instantly pulled to one name: Korea. God was showing me that North Korea will either be involved in this attack, or will be blamed for ita false flag for propaganda purposes.

Closing Comments

We will continue to seek the Lord on this matter, and will advise if we are given anything else to release on it.

But we felt strongly that we needed to release this much now, so that the people can be warned. We should not be caught unaware. We as Children of God are warned so we can be prepared, so that we are not caught off guard. Just as Noah was warned to prepare prior to the flood, so we are to prepare prior to judgment, both spiritually and physically.

1 Thessalonians 5:3 “When people are saying, ‘Everything is peaceful and secure,’ then disaster will fall on them as suddenly as a pregnant woman’s labor pains begin. And there will be no escape.” 

When the people were walking it was daytime. God’s people are to rely on Him as their Rock. He will hide them and watch over those that know Him. We as God’s children are not to rely on anyone else to look after us. God Almighty is our Source, not any government department or institution. Those who were walking were caught unawares. Many will be those who attend church, who are fooled into thinking that peace and security is all around.

drought2 Chronicles 7:13-1413If I shut up heaven that there be no rain, or if I command the locusts to devour the land, or if I send pestilence among My people; 14If My people, which are called by My name [Hebrew: upon whom My name is called], shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”

As I was reading through this post one final time before publishing, the Spirit brought to mind 2 Chronicles 7:13-14, just as I was reading in the First Revelation section that the entire grid will not come down. It may be that the promise He gave is conditional.

Please pray and prepare.

5 thoughts on “Prophecy: Orchestrated EMP Attacks

  1. Thanks for sharing this. I have read numerous prophecies about E.M.P. attacks. I also have seen a lot of videos and live television reports from truthful sources about such events. They indeed are very real, and I do believe many will fall victim to an E.M.P. attack, but the Lord will protect those that truly put their trust in him. I believe numerous cities will be impacted, but there can be places of protection within them as well.


  2. You’re welcome, James Chance, but when God tells us to share something, share it we must! I’m still in the Refiner’s Fire about my alacrity and focus in obedience, and would appreciate your prayers for me in that area.

    Nicole and I don’t know how many cities will be instantly thrust into the early 1800’s by an EMP, but I’m sure the problem will strike many countries around the world. This particular prophecy, as it deals with traitorous actions, is only for the USA.

    You are correct about places of protection even within the stricken cities for God’s saints. Not to say that they won’t lose electricity while the rest of the city does, but that they will be supernaturally protected throughout the disaster. Some will be led to leave the city; some will be told to stay. Those who stay will find and help each other as they launch full-force into Kingdom living. This will be an incredible time of training in the supernatural gifts they’ve been given. When the invading army comes, they’ll be ready.


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