Hearing God’s Voice

November 25, 2015

Parable of the Weeds among the Wheat

Let’s begin with a paraphrase of Matthew 13:24-30:  Jesus’ parable of the man who sowed his field, and the workers came to tell him that weeds (tares) had sprung up overnight among the wheat. Didn’t you sow good seed?, they asked. And they wondered whether they should pull the weeds.

The man answered his servants that he had indeed planted good seed, but that an evil one had done this, sowing weed seeds throughout his wheat. Don’t pull the weeds now, he said, because if you do then the wheat will be uprooted as well. Rather, let them grow together until the time of the harvest. Then the wheat shall be gathered into the barn, and the weeds bundled and thrown into the fire.

wheatThis parable is about the times we live in. God is the farmer, Who planted good seed (His word). The stalks of wheat growing are His saints, who each carry the ability to plant more wheat (more saints) by sharing the gospel (the grains of wheat on their stalks) with the lost.

The devil is the evil one who planted his seed (lies and deceit) of weeds (those who believe him rather than God). They have been allowed to grow; God gave each of us free will to choose. He will not cut that time short until the harvest, because in His Love and Mercy He gives them every opportunity to change their minds and choose Jesus.

But the day of the harvest is VERY close. On that day, the Justice of God will reign. They will fall in the disasters straight into the pit of Hell, where they will be tortured without rest for eternity. And the higher they climbed on Earth, the farther they will fall, meaning the worse will be their judgment. Oh, how they will wish that their punishment could have been just a thousand lifetimes in prison!

Meanwhile, the elect of God, His holy and righteous saints, who hear and obey His voice, will be gathered into His barn; then will be taken to their eternal home, with God.

You Can’t Obey what You Don’t Hear

If you struggle to hear the voice of God, it’s likely because you don’t know all the ways He speaks to you. But He does speak to you constantly. Pray and sincerely ask the Holy Spirit to guide you in hearing His voice.

He speaks through His living word, the Bible. Ask Him to teach you and give you understanding when you read it. He also speaks through His creation, in dreams and visions, by giving you “words of wisdom” and “words of knowledge” (things that you just Know without having any way to know), by letting you hear the thoughts or spoken words (out of earshot) of others, through trances (“daydreams,” where you lose awareness of your surroundings), with physical sensations in your body, by prophetic acts, through angels, and doubtless even more ways.

His voice ranges from that “still, small voice” we hear in our spirit to the sounds of thunder. It can also sound like many waters or the voice of a multitude. God is creative!

He speaks to you, gentle reader, in whatever ways He made you capable to hear and understand; He wants you to understand Him!

Strive to hear His voice. Value hearing His voice and honor Him by taking a risk when you think you do, after making sure that what you heard aligns with scripture. If you make a mistake, He will gently correct you. The more you do this, the easier it will become. And because He has already shortened the time, it will not take you years and years to do this, as it took the saints even a generation ago. Start today! His voice will lead you to safety in the coming trials of this tribulation.

This word is for all who read it, who believe the gospel of Christ Jesus, but who think that they cannot (either at all or reliably) hear God’s voice.

The Voices of Evil

Remember, the voices of evil:

  • Lie,
  • Do not align with God’s word (Bible),
  • Condemn you after a mistake or bad choice,
  • Introduce fear and doubt, and
  • Remind you of past failures in an accusatory way.

Satan is the tempter and accuser of the brethren. When he condemns you of wrongdoing, he demoralizes you and makes you feel unworthy of a relationship with God.

The Voice of God

The voice of God (Father, Son, or Spirit):

  • Speaks truth,
  • Never contradicts scripture,
  • Gently warns you before you make a mistake or bad choice,
  • Instills courage and faith, and
  • Reminds you of past failures only in an enlightening way, such as showing you how He had warned you first, to grow your confidence in hearing His voice.

Jesus is the defender of the brethren. When His Spirit convicts you of wrongdoing, He leads you to repentance so you can receive forgiveness, restoring your relationship with God.

You Can Do This!

Need more detail? Examples? Scripture? Or is this brief post enough? I’ll write more on the subject if you ask for it. I want this blog to be directed and powered by God, but fine-tuned to fit you. Please let me know your thoughts by using the form below each post.


7 thoughts on “Hearing God’s Voice

  1. Thanks! A lot of what I learned came from the book we’re using as a textbook in a class I’m taking. I highly recommend it: Basic Training for the Prophetic Ministry, Expanded Edition, by Kris Vallotton.


  2. I’ve heard his audible voice (spoken to me) 3 x’s since my walk began (he could have spoken more often but this is what I’ve identified.

    I recall someone asking me what he sounds like and I said I would try to write about it. Later I realized, I could share my experience but the voice of God will likely “sound” different to every follower, depending on their given “need” at the time.
    Appreciate you addressing this on your blog!


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