Days of Sunlight; Days of Twilight

November 4, 2016 — Partially reblogged…

Here is a Word given through Kenzel’s Fire and first posted on her blog, Shining a Light in the Darkness, under the title, Check Your Lamps for Oil (which has since been replaced by reblogging this version):

As the days of sunlight wane into the Twilight of My Grace — so, soon, shall America yearn for the lights and sounds of HOPE that My Prophets shared from The Watchtowers.”

After Kenzel’s Fire posted the above, this confirming Word was given by our Heavenly Father through Saint B*:

“Soon false flags will be your only truth. My Truth you will crave. You gasp and choke on your own evil.

“I AM will be the only one to save you.”

(* Saint B was introduced in Increase Glory’s previous post, Last Chance for the Last Generation.) Then in just a few minutes after the Word above, Abba Father added:

“There is very little time left. Your trust and faith must multiply very quickly. The shifting is accelerated and far-reaching.

“Do not think of hills moving — think of mountain ranges.




Supporting Scripture Links

Each link opens in a new window.

Romans 5:1-5

Amos 8:11

Acts 4:12

Matthew 17:20, Matthew 21:21, Mark 11:23

John 5:20, John 5:36, John 14:12


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