Kingdom Living: Freedom from Curses

June, 2016

Undeserved Curse

Several days ago, someone in India was angry with me because I refused to pay for his internet service, so he texted, “I curse you.” His next text spelled out a specific curse. I rejected and renounced the curse aloud and then intended to text back my rejection, but he had already blocked me. So I simply deleted the conversation and blocked him. Because I had instantly rejected the curse out loud, and because it was undeserved, nothing “landed” or “stuck;” the curse was ineffective.

Proverbs 26:2 (ONMB) — “2. Like the bird that wanders, like the swallow that flies, the curse that is causeless will come back home.”

A Witch’s Curse

The other day, a valet parked my car. She seemed nice and when I picked up my car, I offered to pray for her, as I am wont to do. She quickly walked (almost ran) all the way back to me, even though she had another customer waiting to drop off his car. So I hesitated in getting into my car to see what her prayer request might be.

She was then suddenly, absolutely drippy nice and used a lot of words like Lord (heavily emphasized), but I noted that she never said “Jesus.” (Because her lord is someone else!) She initially brushed aside my offer to pray, but then requested prayer for her mom’s pain, and asked how could she pray for me. I had a check in my spirit and politely brushed aside her offer.

Unless you get a go-ahead from
the Holy Spirit
, don’t tell
people how to pray for you.
It might be a trap

Unless you get a go-ahead from the Holy Spirit or you know that the offer to pray comes from a trustworthy saint, do not tell people how to pray for you. Because if they are evil, you will just be telling them where you are weak, and how best to attack you or the ones you love.

Nonverbal Curse Delivered

By then the valet was right on the other side of my car door and had grabbed my hands which were resting on top of the door. I never saw the grab coming. She grabbed both of my hands with hers, but it was a weird grab.

This was the point at which I looked into her eyes. I instantly thought “reptilian,” but they did have round (although impossibly tiny) pupils. Their color was an inhuman, green-rimmed, high-intensity, yellow gold, almost like the metal-gold color, not even remotely like any other gold eyes I’ve seen before. No evidence of contact lenses.

“People” who are not fully human
are here now and do walk among us.
Ask Holy Spirit to reveal them to you.

Inhuman, trans-human, hybrid-human, Nephilim, etc. Whatever you want to call them, “people” who are not fully human are here now and do walk among us. Ask Holy Spirit to reveal them to you. They are not your friends.

While I was fascinated by her eyes, I shifted my gaze to her mouth while we talked. The Grab continued. She flitted the fingers of both her hands across my own fingers and palms, then crossed her hands to touch the backs of my hands, and even lightly touched the inside of my forearms. I was slightly uncomfortable with the whole process — it kind of felt like a secret handshake that I didn’t know how to do — but brushed off the nagging thoughts of “witch” and “curse” and hurriedly went on my way, praying for her mother as I drove off.

I should have paid attention to my thoughts! That was the Holy Spirit talking! But the curse had been delivered through touch by way of releasing a demon onto me. He had already begun his attack, dulling my spiritual senses as well as my thought processes, making me feel like my mind was overtired and I really needed to get some catch-up sleep.

Evidence of the Curse hand over mouth

The next day I was unable to sing worship songs to God any longer than about half a verse. Nor could I read the Word. With every intention to study, somehow I never managed to even pick up my Bible; my mind kept interrupting that intention with something else to do. My prayers likewise were unfocused and constantly interrupted.

Later that day I caught myself being mean and grouchy to my family  (bringing one to tears twice!) as well as to a stranger with whom I had a telephone appointment. It took quite a bit of apologizing on my part to make that poor lady feel better at the end of the call! I also noticed that my voice sounded a little deeper and raspier than normal, but I didn’t think that was important. My mind seemed to be in a kind of fog all day.

As I pressed in to ask Holy Spirit (which was really a challenge with my under-attack mental state!), I became convinced that the parking woman is a reptilian, and a witch to boot. Hard to describe, but body language (like that “handshake!” and the way she whipped around with laser focus when I said, “pray”) and other clues… Anyway, even I could see that my behavior that day was definitely “Off” to an alarming degree. I couldn’t even get peace about a simple dream interpretation for someone, and finally had to tell her not to put stock into what I had said until I could get right with the Lord in my spirit about it.

So I finally rejected whatever curse she may have planted on me, still not completely sure that there was one, but I could not shake it. I did not know at the time that I was being demonized. But by that evening I began to suspect, and reached out to my friends for help.


One of my friends was available and called me back after praying and the Lord revealing to her that I’d been cursed. It turns out that she was experienced in deliverance ministry (casting demons out, like Jesus did). So she helped me on the phone and we got rid of the buggers. There was one big one on me, and several small ones in my car.

It seemed to me that the whole process of getting the one off of me lasted under ten minutes–maybe 6 or 7. This is an experience I will NEVER forget! What a difference!!!!!!! My brain works again now! And my voice is back; yea!!

tick scannedAs for the demonic entities, I didn’t see them in the spirit, but my friend on the phone did. The one on me looked like a tick.Would you like something that looked like this on you?

♦    ♦    ♦

Want a good laugh? Standing in front of my car in the garage after regaining my freedom, I decided I’d best put on my armor before tackling the car. So I did, in loud voice, going through all the body motions and everything. When I drew my spiritual Sword from its scabbard at my side, all the while speaking (…Sword of the Spirit, the WORD of God!…), my friend said she could hear the Zinnnnngg of the blade coming out of the scabbard, followed by “Oh, Crap!” as they fled, running as fast as they could in all directions! (Yeah; you’re right; they weren’t actually that polite in their word choice.) After we laughed, I anointed my car and plead the Blood all over it, inside and out.

There Were (and Are) Positives in the Experience

I had asked God for more spiritual discernment, and this was part of His answer. He allowed the curse for my training. It was also a reminder that He has asked me to look people in the eye. The eyes are the windows to the soul, and He is giving me discernment to see into people through their eyes. Praise the Lord!!! Had I done this at the beginning, I never would have left my car in that valet’s care.

What It Felt Like to Me

Looking at the experience objectively while I went through it, and especially now after the fact, several tidbits are very interesting. Of course, not all demons will have the same strength or fight the same way, so I won’t expect it to always be like this. While we were both commanding it to leave and it was trying to hang on, I noticed:

  • As I prayed in tongues, after several seconds of that it began to thicken and slow my tongue in my mouth so that I was losing clear pronunciation. It was like being in the dentist’s chair and having the Novocaine taking effect only on my tongue. I shouted “JESUS!” and it instantly released my tongue.
  • Where I anointed my hands (backs and palms) and forehead with anointing oil in a cross shape, I began to feel the crosses, like a powerful energy. I actually felt them for several days.
  • The areas on my forearms where the witch had touched me began to redden and felt……very weird; don’t know how to describe it. Slightly tingly, but much more than that. As we weakened its grasp on me, the feeling and redness decreased. It was beginning to lose the battle!
  • My face also had that tingly-plus feeling, and felt like it was being pulled somehow; he was trying to hang on.
  • I finally felt the demon in my chest. Eeeeww! In its last-ditch effort, I think it tried to camouflage itself by pretending to be Holy Spirit, but I could tell the difference!!
  • By this time we had it well bound, and I could feel it finally slipping away.
  • My friend had been watching this whole process in the spirit, and she had been speaking specific directives to the thing. On its way out, she saw it trying to rub me with something like scales, and she quickly forbade it to leave behind any reptilian DNA–or anything else.
  • I twice announced to my friend that it was gone–the first time was more in faith as it was slipping away, but I think the second time it really was completely gone–and within a second or two my voice and mind were both back. HALLELUJAH! I had thought my mind was about 15-20% “off,” but when I came out of it, I felt as if I’d been 75% sedated without realizing it, and suddenly (like flipping a light switch–Suddenly!) came back into full-awake, full-alert, full-thinking status. Wow!


10 thoughts on “Kingdom Living: Freedom from Curses

  1. Debra,
    I scanned through this information, and it looks very valuable.
    I will be coming back to read it through later. We need to be aware of these things
    and our best counter-measures to such things as we see evil and darkness increasing in these end times.

    Thank-you for taking the time to share with the Body of Christ!


  2. I would hardly call it excellent–I ignored the voice of my Lord, and it took me over 24 hours to figure it out. But I am sorely grateful for the friends God has put in my life, and for His persistent nudging me to get help from them.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hello

    Interesting story indeed, the points on your hand she touched interests me. IF you are familiar with chakra points does the places she touched coincide with their location?
    I know like in masonic handshakes they touch specific points Of the hand possibly for the Very magical reasons you described.

    IF you seen Texe Marrs codex magica he compiled a multitude Of different masonic handshakes and signs. There is also a specific kind Of mathematic formula WHOs name escapes me now in which you can prevision bodily movements IF you are familiar with the formula. It was written in Michael Talbots the holographic universe.

    Thx for the story indeed some might find IT odd but i find it enlightening to read such experiences. And also a last note is that although magic can affect equally everyone i seem to have recognized that females seen to be slightly more susceptible to Word manipulation. Maybe a remniscient or residue from the garden Of Eden where the serpent beguiled Eve. Mitochondrial DNA says all women steam from one root mother ie Eve!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Foucault points they are called. The formula i mentioned earlier. The devil is a god of forces with little g as the sons of god in psalm 82.

    Maybe what you saw as witchcraft which it essentially is tapping into forbidden knowledge and using it to the detriment of especially christians.

    If it was the chakra point she manipulated she might have unbalanced your natural energy flows in your body making you unbalanced for the moment.

    This only the name of Jesus the Word the base of everything could unmake.

    Well enough of my thinking, have a nice day.

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