Transition Has Taken Place:

Heed the Warning

My only comment on this 40-minute video:

It is anointed.
Watch. With. Full. Attention.


If you would like to see more videos by “deepcallsuntodeep,” see their Victorious Vision Ministries International channel on YouTube at

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4 thoughts on “Transition Has Taken Place:

  1. Wow, Debra! So very powerful and anointed, as you said. The light in that room enveloped her. Reminds me of what the Israelites must have seen when Moses came down the mountain. I too have heard “eyes and hearts off this election, my daughter.” The King does not want me attending to this.

    I have been grieving today, and don’t clearly know why. This heaviness just descended on me about 5:00 tonight. I’ve prayed and it has lifted a bit, but the tears I shed were not for me or about anything in my life. Our King is so very sad for all who perish. Think I am crying with Him. I’m hearing, “Stay with me one hour. . .”

    Thank you for posting this, dear sister.

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  2. On 5/21 about 3:30AM, the Lord woke me up. Very awake, like a light went off in me. Not sure I have experienced this before. I got up and went to pray. But as I began to pray, the Lord sent me to the scriptures. I asked what to read? Jonah was answer, so I opened and went to Jonah 3 and began reading verses 3-4 and felt that was what the Lord wanted me to see. Yet forty days, and Nineveh shall be overthrown. I felt led to pray after that and began praying for the lost and for mercy. The words I got were great calamity coming. After a couple of days of pondering this, I decided to check on the dates… It is June 30 leading into 4th of July weekend. I am not sure what this means, but I do believe something bad is going to happen at end of June.

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