Trump In. Evil Out.

TrumpDo you love Donald Trump? Hate him? Haven’t decided? No matter where you stand, please listen to this entire broadcast on Tru News:

April 18, 2016 interview with Mark Taylor, regarding his prophetic word about Donald Trump. As with Every word said to come from God, you have the obligation to pray and seek God’s truth about the word for yourself. God is infallible. His prophets are not; and some people speak when they have not heard from Him at all. If you are filled with the Holy Spirit, then you have the ability – and the responsibility – to confirm or deny this with God yourself.

If you haven’t already, register to vote.

Pray, asking God whom you should vote for.

Vote accordingly. (With respect, if you think that Christians should not vote, then you are part of the reason America is in this shape. Please read Jesus’ teachings in the New Testament for yourself.)

Thank you.

I am about to publish this link again under the title, God’s Warriors: Call to Arms!, with different emphasis and instructions, for the last third of the interview.

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  2. Apparently, you did not listen to the broadcast. OK. But please consider this:

    God has worked through evil people as well as good ones before. The Bible is full of examples. And God does not change; He is the same yesterday and today and forever. So why could we not expect Him to possibly work through another person who is not exactly a saint?

    The question is not whether or not Trump is good or evil. The question is whether Mark Taylor correctly heard from God.

    Because if Trump is truly chosen by God – chosen, not called – to be His man to expose corruption in all places, to appoint five Supreme Court justices as the next President, to evict illegals and secure the borders, and to bring the United States of America back from the brink of annihilation – then you might want to rethink whether you want to intentionally act against His will.


  3. My wife being a filipina-spanish i have listened by being at home to their election. There is a similar guy running for president there who is the mayor of Davao City. He is the equivalent of Trump in the Us running with the same themes for president.
    My observation astute or not is that the Lord is forming certain parts of the earth to be safe zones for Christians once the Ac comes on the scene for all to see.

    Im thinking Daniel where the last empire was iron mixed with miry clay, so its not all encompassing but partly weak. Maybe im right maybe im not but i have wise people here who know alot too!

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  4. Stig-Ove, God is indeed forming sanctuary cities, regions, and even a few nations for safe zones. That does not mean that all of these sanctuaries will not see any disasters, because God must still purge them of evil. But however He does that (typically in history, according to the Bible, through war, drought, famine, and pestilence), evil will be ousted and true saints remain. These are places to which Christians may flee for safety.

    God is also preparing specific places — homes and other locations — to be His “Arks” (His word for them) where He has directed the preparation of everything necessary to sustain the specific individuals He will lead to each one at the appropriate time. He will populate each Ark with the people needed for them all to survive, bringing together the people with the talents, skills, gifts, and sometimes even tools or other supplies necessary for the group at that Ark. These will be places of Shalom and Shabbat (peace and Sabbath) — rest, healing, recovery, spiritual growth, fellowship, and even miracles. In other words, the Arks will be islands of God’s Kingdom even in a sea of destruction and disaster. They will have supernatural protection — angelic, miraculous, and even by God’s own hand.

    If you, Gentle Reader, are to host an Ark, you probably know it already. Arks will be used by God in different places at different times. So if you are to be an Ark host — but you don’t have a property to use, or you don’t have the means to supply it — that just means that your Ark will not be needed early on. Have no fear; God will provide. Likewise, if you have stored up provisions for yourself and your family or for others as well as your family — if those stored-up provisions fail, God will supernaturally provide. That does not mean that you won’t go hungry or thirsty for a time; we will all be tested and tried one way or another. But as long as you freely share whatever you have in joy, as God directs you, He will provide. He is faithful. He will answer your prayers.

    Does this mean that we can just sit back and do nothing, relying on God to provide everything for us without effort? No. The Bible tells us that a man who refuses to work shall not eat. But follow God’s instructions for you, preparing as He directs you, helping those whom He wants you to help, being His arms, hands, feet and legs to the Body of Christ and to those whom He will save through you when they believe on His Son — do this, and you will have much more than provision. You will have God’s supernatural peace that passes understanding, and you will have joy inexpressible, no matter what you experience or witness.

    Stig-Ove, the comment you made about Daniel’s prophecy is certainly one to ponder. I’ve never thought of that perspective before, but it absolutely makes sense. I’m so glad that you stopped by and took the time to share. Thank you! And God bless you and yours!!!


  5. Yelp, forgive me, but I do not understand your queries. First – what submission? If you are referring to the Yelp website, I haven’t looked at it in at least months if not years. Second – any positive what?


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