Open Jihad Threat on Social Media

Tonight (December 9, 2015) I learned that a Christian lady was online on her social media site when a jihadist began threatening her online. In the attempt to terrorize her, this person began making hints and threats that ultimately turned quite specific. Jihad is to begin s/he said, with what they have named “The Bloodbath of 2016,” and no one can stop it.

I believe this jihadist was referring to the imminent jihad in America, beginning primarily against church kids, prophesied through Nicole Moore and myself on and my old blog, If we are to believe the name they’ve given it, that would point to its execution [wow!; where did that word come from?] in early January. If the 2nd-grade shooter incident* happens this month, I would expect the jihad to be the first weekend in the new year. That would also fit with Brian Carn’s word from the Lord on November 25th that we would “enter the new year in tears and mourning.”

* [This was another Nicole Moore dream for which God gave me the interpretation, also posted here (second in the list below) and with less detail on In defense of James Bailey, who does a masterful and herculean job of editing all posts from other authors on z3News, I’d like to explain that he edited out certain parts because the way I wrote it up, I failed to mention that those parts were revelation given to me by the Lord. It rightly didn’t make sense to James that the interpretation could provide information on things not mentioned in her dream. This has changed the way I write.]

Here are the links to the related posts from Nicole and me on my blog and on z3News (newest on top):

That’s five separate warnings from the Lord about the same topic. Do you see how big this is? Please pray as directed in some of these posts! It really is critical, and it really will make a difference. Especially, ask the Holy Spirit whether you should warn the leadership at your church, at your kids’ school(s), and at your place of work. You need to ask and not just go do it, so that you don’t find yourself talking with the assigned jihadist already planted there as a mole!


I humbly ask for your forgiveness and grace, as well as God’s. I most sincerely apologize for misleading you! It is only now that I am brave enough, wise enough, to release to you what I felt from the beginning but dared not report, hoping that I was wrong: The casualties across this country will not be measured in the thousands, tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands. More than a million will face God in one day.


Whether it is closer to one million or three depends more on our prayers than our actions.

“The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man {person} avails much.” (James 5:16)

To keep from going mad with grief when this happens, remember and comfort each other with the knowledge of why God is allowing the attack:  Just like the ancient Hebrews who wandered in the desert 40 years, we Americans are a stiff-necked people. Most of us will not wake up, repent, and turn back to God unless we are thrust to our knees by a disaster. Some will be killed so that more can be saved. Without the disasters, they would all be lost. God is allowing this so that through it, He can save more people.

Praised be the name of the Lord!

12 thoughts on “Open Jihad Threat on Social Media

  1. Just to make sure I understand — this was a real threat and associated with a dream that had interpretation correct? I believe Social Media sights now are no longer a free place to put true news. Many have been blocked that share the truth; while those doing real harm are given free reign. Much like the “No Fly” airplane passenger list, has now become the “Free to Go Anywhere” list for those that are a real threat. It appears that the only people that are being limited in freedoms, are those spreading the truth and not hate.


  2. Yes, JC, exactly. Real threats were made to this saint, specifically because she is a saint, on her social media account. They apparently held a brief dialog, during which the threats became more specific and more horrific, matching prophecy. Before this occurred, Nicole Moore had been given a series of dreams and revelations, which our Lord was gracious enough to open up to me in further revelation and interpretation. These have been published at the links provided. The social-media jehadist did not give a date, but indicated it would be Very soon. The threats were extremely consistent with the warnings Nicole and I gave, thanks to our Lord.

    Your comments about social media are valid, JC, and lead me to comment on something each one needs to take in prayer to God: Should you stay on or get off of social media? He recently had me close my accounts, but I know another saint whom He directed to open one (at the same time I was closing mine) for a season.

    Saints, I beg you to take this in prayer for direction. Every friend and family member linked to on your account could be in future danger specifically because of that contact. And not just from jehadis, but later even from our own government. Hitler had the youth spying on and turning in people whose only crime was that they cared about the Jews. But who needs the youth when we “condemn” ourselves on a forum that can not be completely eradicated?

    However, God works ALL things together for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose. He may direct you to keep your account for a time because someone is following you that will come to receive salvation because of your posts. Others may turn their hearts back to God or begin working for His Kingdom after reading something you wrote. Perhaps God will direct you to Unfriend or Block or Add certain individuals. You simply must take His leading.

    If you do continue to use social media, Please do so wisely! If you’re posting a photo of the beautiful new bedroom set you got your daughter for her birthday, for goodness sake make sure the camera did not include the GPS location as hidden data in the photo, or you could be leading evil straight to her bedside! Going on a trip and want to share all the wonderful details? OK -After you get back! (Forget jihad for a moment. When you broadcast when, where, and for how long you’re going somewhere, you’re giving thieves an open invitation to your home. Lawlessness is increasing, saints! Posting photos of your kids and identifying their school by talking about the big game there might be advertising where to attack. OK, enough, you get the idea: ask God, and if you don’t hear His voice, at least use common sense!

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  3. Thank your for your post and response. I felt it necessary to shut down all of my social media accounts back in October. I was aware of the blocks being placed on people sharing the truth, but my primary reason to close them was due to all of the mockery and arguments that I was seeing taking place by those professing to be Christians. Too many people have hopes of seeing a person become their savior in Government, instead of turning all over the the Lord. Most people don’t understand that what they post on Social Media can give them unwanted attention by criminals and those that want to impose “Nazi” styled rule.


  4. Thank you for this. And yes, I closed down Fleshbook (oops, I meant Facebook) over the summer. Too much drama, and mean people because I dared to stand for Christ (shame on me!). My husband never liked it b/c of the lack of privacy. However, I know others are called to stay on to be a witness – as long as they’re allowed to by the Facebook authorities. > God uses each of us in different ways and environments. The key for each of us is to be submitted and pursuing holiness daily!

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  5. I left fb last February. I would post the blog link here to share what happened but figure those interested can go check it or if they like. I also left twitter twice….because I didn’t realize opening the periscope app would reactivate my standing. I haven’t closed IG or Pinterest, yet.
    Now that I’ve come back to the blogging, I’m surprised by the level of support in this community.
    It’s been nearly a year since I deactivated fb….and only ONE person ever emailed to ask if I had left and if I was ok.
    This was a great post, increaseglory!
    – Kenzel

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  6. Woah! I just read most of the links shared from those prophetic dreams. I’ve heard others speak about some of them. But reading the 1st post on intercession hit me like a brick wall. The HS spoke the word “intercessory prayer” to me in the last day…to write a blog post detailing its significance.

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